Why doesn’t Spotify just charge listeners more?

Mar 2, 2023

Spotify persuaded listeners to pay a set price for music monthly, shifting fans away from piracy. The cost of a subscription is not an insignificant amount for many. Raising prices is a fine balance — we don’t want to drive people back to piracy or unmonetized solutions. In fact, the average adult spending money on music today is spending nearly double compared to during the peak CD era in 1999, and millions more people are spending. 

That said, Spotify is always evaluating pricing in each of our markets, and we’ve increased pricing in a number of them. Since Spotify and artists’ rights holders share in the same pool of money, our incentives are totally aligned: We both want to generate as much revenue from listeners and advertisers as possible.

Over the years we have made a number of price increases in different markets around the world, and we will continue to do so when it makes sense based on a variety of local and regional factors.